About The Jukebox

The Jukebox came to be after a group of gamers grew tired of trying to find the right streaming station of music. So, they pooled their resources and formed The Jukebox radio station and built a site around it, to feature the guilds and fleets they manage and play in. Collectively, along with a group of First Officers & Personnel Officers, they plan events and shows for the various members of our fleets and guilds. But it goes deeper than that.

The Jukebox is a way we can interact and learn new skills and ideas, in that, we are a nonprofit driven toward such endeavor. To help individuals learn new trades and skills as we game and DJ.

Our Goal: To Have Fun!

Our One Rule: Respect Each Other

Happy gaming and we hope you tune-in!

Our Extras

Nirfu, The Grand Nagus of The Lost Boys Armada, helps in his spare time with some of the site coding issues and offers his expertise when we need it. We are deeply grateful to him.

Calydin not only serves as a Founder of The Lost Boys  & The Jukebox, but he also is the graphic artist and web master of the website.

Meo is an extraordinary Freelance artist but also a professor! She has created the banner for the web site, and also offered much guidance to Calydin on art, style, and composition.

Our DJs

DJ Firefighter spins the tunes, from Big Band to Country to Techno, and many others! Come join the party during any of his shows.

Calydin plays the music that was yesterday's hits, along with some of today's. They introduce the tracks in the way DJs used too!


Meo brings a humorous and adventurous style to the streaming world! Like her art, her eclectic tastes in music are sure to bring a smile to your face!


Splinter, host of The Jammin' Jungle, a country boy with a wide range of music, and a young gun, who is a hotshot in Cross-out, Boring Man: OTSC, and STO, 


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