The premiere of our new co-hosted show went off like a BANG! With all the technical issues checked and sorted, we began a new show featuring DJ Firefighter and Calydin, each from a coast of the United States. They brought with them humor, great 80s music, and lots of talk, and they did it all from our sound stage in our discord channel The Jukebox Enclave!

Next week our dynamic duo will bring you more great music from the 60s, humor, and good times! And stay posted as we create even more unique ways to entertain our guilds and fleets!

The Lost Boys Anniversary

Join DJ Calydin on Saturday as he spins some tunes while we play Star Trek online (STO) and celebrate our fleets ONE year anniversary! A fleet party is being planned, and we do have a special prize we'll be handing out to one of our fleet members! So all you Lost Boys and Runaways, be sure to attend the party!

The Weekly Recap

As usual, we have our recap here today, which was mostly cosmetic changes to the site banner to rotate through colors. We're almost to our final look, mainly just functional additions we're waiting on now, and then we'll add a few sections to our Members Pages. Keep posted on that as we roll forward!

As always fellow gamers, stay safe and kick ass!


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