Fleets, Guilds, and Armadas...Oh My!

Updated: May 10

With the Marquee finally open, it is time to introduce some of the fleets/guilds/crews that we run, and which ones are still active. Listed below will be each organization that we run and in what game. In the future, we may even add this sort of information to member profile pages, so that they can display what games/characters they play.

The Lost Boys In Star Trek Online we started a fleet back in June of 2019. Since then it has grown into an armada. We continue to recruit new players, and young fleets, with a focus on social playing and collective cooperation. Our Leaders have quite the amount of time playing the game, and tons of knowledge of how and what.

The Enclave of Miscreants

The newest of our guilds, The Enclave is a North American social guild, growing into a crafting guild, but focused on providing members with quality players who will not drop during a dungeon run. We have various levels, with various groups based in various places of Elder Scrolls Online.


The Star Wars Guild, Republic, is open to the public. Small and social, we have players who have been gaming there over ten years with lots of knowledge. Flashpoints and CQ is what they do the best. As with all of what we do at The Jukebox, you can always get a hold of someone in the discord channel, The Enclave. Happy Gaming!


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