Introducing The Marquee

Updated: Mar 29

Welcome to the revealing of The Marquee!

Providing this outlet for our gamers, we add to our streaming station, The Jukebox, another dimension. Together, along with our image galleries, we hope to bring a central point of interaction for our fleets/guilds/crews.

The Lost Boys flying a team event on STO (Star Trek Online).

Special Events and DJs

Several times a year require certain shows and events. Likewise, once in awhile we may come across a guest DJ who does a stint of shows, or special event.

“Music can heal the wounds which medicine cannot touch.” – Debasish Mridha

Online Gaming

Part of why this website was created was to provide a few of us with the ability to play kick-ass music as we fought and destroy bad guys online. This expanded from Star Trek online, where we have The Lost boys Fleet/Armada, and expanded to several other games. Eventually our discord channel grew and the only name we could really agree on was The Enclave, which means a collection of like-minded individuals centered around a commonality.

Our commonality is our fellowship. A group who not only grind it out when the time dictates, but who explore the various landscapes of Elder Scrolls Online, in our The Enclave of Miscreants Guild, or running between planets in Star Wars The Old Republic, in either our Phoenixrising or Shadow Spectre guilds. But it goes deeper than that really.

Come join our ranks!

In being casual gamers, we seek other casual gamers to come join our fleets, guilds, and crews. Seek us out and start gaming with friends, not just users.

You can join The Enclave discord channel, which will lead you to any of our leaders, who can assist in any questions you may have, or youu can become a member here and explore what we have to offer while listening to some great music!


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