Party & Recap

This last week has been one of our busiest weeks! It started with us preparing for a Saturday night Armed Forces Show, but also include one of our biggest dance parties in Star Trek Online (STO) yet!

Dance Party

As many of you know, several nights a week in STO we have dance parties, to help with the current pandemic but also to recruit and spend time together. So our DJs like to put a show on at Nimbus III and kick up their heels in the sand! With disco balls spinning, tunes playing, and the laughter flowing, we always have a great time.

These events serve to help us recruit, connect with our Beta and Gamma fleets, or just blow steam off! They also offer us moments to meet new people and find new friends, which can always lead to better things!

Party House shots from this last Thursday. The Party House, Thursdays, 6 pm EDT, DJ Firefighter

The Armed Forces Show

Talk about a successful streaming event! Thank you to all the DJs who donated their time to spin the tunes for our service members who may have been listening. As a global community it is important we stand by those who protect the innocent and defenseless. We thank and honor those who give up their time to both sacrifice and defend us all.

Thank you to the service members!

The Fleet Anniversary

In just a few weeks we will be a year old as a fleet, and The Lost Boys have had their share of bumps along the way. But what we have also had are great fleet members! Seriously, if after a year you would have asked any one of us leaders where we would be, we would not have answered with where we are. At just a year, we are making strides and almost finished building up our holdings!

Our biggest project, the starbase, is now Tier 4! After all the hard work put in by our fleet members, we hitting those last few levels, and all the time spent is paying off! Remember, as the holdings go up in Tiers, we get more equipment, trait slots, and extras!


In the coming weeks we will be planning more events like this last Saturday one. in fact, we already are and it has something to do with father's Day and the Summer Solstice! Finally, it is unprecedented times and in those times we have our communities we live and work in. Whether they be virtual or real-life, the connections we all have are real. Take care of each other, and party on!


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