Second Star on the Right

In 2010 Star Trek Online launched and began a journey into the world of massive multiplayer online games. It was an instant hit, presented new concepts, and brought to virtual life the idea of piloting a starship.

The Lost Boys

In the year of 2019 three Veteran players formed The Lost Boys. The need arose out of the growing list of dysfunctional fleets. In the ten years since it's launch, STO has managed to maintain it's sci-fi groupies through the innovative use of Cult Icons and gimmicks, providing countless hours of entertainment. As a fleet we strive to get together a few times a week and run some Task Force Operations, filling the coffers of our growing fleet and its many projects. Sometimes we do this with just the most powerful ships we have, or we have some fun and switch our ships out for themes and parties. Other times, you can find us throwing a dance party on Nimbus III, with our in-house DJs spinning the tunes under the floating disco balls in the hot sands!

The Armada

Our armada, The Lost Boys, is also growing. Part of increasing our ranks involves active player bases and events to recruit others. This is where we have worked with our DJs and created opportunities to do such a thing. Every week we bring three nights of dancing, TFOs, and party! We do this so that the leaders of the fleets in the armadas can send out the word to friends and invite them! Doing these activities together not only forms stronger bonds, but also allows us to really get a measure of whether or not someone, or some fleet, is a good fit for what we all are building!

Final Words

Our motto is "We Get What We Work On", which to us means, If we want a Tier 5 starbase then we all have to pitch in. It is a good motto and has served us well. In fact, we have not even reached our first year, and we are almost at Tier 3 in many of the smaller holdings and fast approaching the Tier 4 mark for Colony World and Starbase!

This is what we mean by our motto. Our fleet members, and armada fleets are incredible players, so come aboard and see what we have to offer!


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