Sunday Recap

As we enter yet another week of selected Stay-At-Home orders around the world, we continue to try and promote our place as a virtual gathering point. Our multi-game community is growing, and as we grow new players and ideas emerge. This is why we began to design the web site to be more of our focus point. Our virtual Game Stop, if you will.

May 7th we have a Fleet Group Photo planned in Star Trek Online!

The Jukebox Enclave

The place where we gather to chat in voice, or text, and discuss what game we want to play. Or we just chat and chill. Whatever you like, we have major channels set-up for our fleet, and beta fleets, in Star Trek Online; two guilds for Star Wars The Old Republic, Phoenixrising and Shadow Spectre; along with our Elder Scrolls Online guild The Enclave of Miscreants.

But those are just the big MMOs we play.

We have an eclectic list of games we play, from Fishing Planet to Strategy Sim games like Civilization of Star Wars Empires At War. With our growing player base, one can find someone to play almost any game with. So come on in and have some fun!

Specialized Rooms

In our Discord channel, we have set aside several rooms for specialized chat, or activities, such as The Jukebox and The Sound Booth. In the coming days we are trying various ways to do co-hosted shows, both on a local level and a coast-to-coast one. What does this mean? It means that maybe one day Calydin or Meo can co-host a show with Dynamo or Firefighter.

But we also have rooms for events in the MMOs we play in.

So come on in, join us for a game and a virtual pint! Come party with us in the Toker's Lounge, from the safety of your home, and let's all pull together during this time of a pandemic.

Stay Safe, and Be Well.


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