To Catch A Dragon

In the game Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) players who purchase the Elsweyr upgrade can go dragon hunting. But it isn't as easy as one would think, so I wrote a small article up in hopes to give you some insight.


In Northern Elsweyr there are three locations that dragons often spawn and head towards. You'll notice them usually by the Star Haven Wayshrine (The easiest one to get to), the Tenmar Wayshrine (Not too hard), and then The Stitches Wayshrine (The most difficult to get to). Be sure you pack lots of heal, magicka, and stamina potions for the trip.

Soul Gems

Soul gems in ESO are the life bread of any adventurer. Without one, you cannot hope to revive yourself or a companion without it, nor can you raise any other fallen player on the battlefield. If you have plenty of these spectacular gems, you can revive yourself once you have fallen in combat, but be warned, you will need a ton of them!

A Large Group

Before one begins to seek out a dragon, look on the map and locate it. If it has a pair of crossed swords behind the dragon head, it means there are people fighting it, head there right away to partake in the hunt. if not, head to the location and search out the other players that may be already there. Once the group hits about ten or so, kill the dragon! Do not try and kill the dragon with just a handful of people, you will not succeed as they are meant to be killed by a huge group.

Dragon Treasure

When you do kill the dragon, and you are bound to at least once, you'll get some great loot you can sell and then replenish your stock. Be weary though as too much dragon hunting can be hard on your supplies and potions. Adventure to restock, regroup, and skill up!


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