To Hall or Not

Updated: Apr 4

In ESO, Elder Scrolls Online, they do things a wee bit different. So we decided to check the game out and started our own guild. Unlike a lot of games, Bethesda created a really cool way to do guilds.

The Enclave of Miscreants

Drawn together by various other games, the crew of The Enclave of Miscreants on the North American Server, have ran other guilds/fleets in other games. But here, in ESO, we come to explore and socialize. Yesterday, I was able to take a first step in creating a hall for us Miscreants to gather in. I introduce The Hall of Miscreants.

Above, the shots go from an empty Hall of the Lunar Champion, to one filled with a few carved tables and stools.

LIVE Shows from ESO

Monday afternoons, or early to late evening the further east you go from the PNW, you can catch The Wandering Minstrel Show with DJ Calydin. He will bring you international music, varying genres from Traditional to Modern styles of music. His unusual style of thematic shows are sure to entertain you while you dance on the hillsides of Davon's Watch, or run the swamps over by Vivec City.

Recruiting New Players

As with all guilds and fleets, the starting point is always the hardest. So if you know of any players looking for a social guild in ESO, send them our way! We're always open to new players and new experiences!


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