Weekly Recap

Here's the low down of what has been going on at The Jukebox!

The Lost Boys

As we fast approach the final Tiers of our fleet, we are happy to post that very soon we will have a shipyard Tier 4! You know what that means! NEW ships you can buy with ship modules, dilithium, and/or Zen.

We had our weekly shows, and continue to meet up at Nimbus III to party during the nights in the middle of the week. This is our way of creating fun time and recruitment opportunities for those fleets that are part of our armada! Stop by and throw down some dance moves with us some time!

The Enclave of Miscreants

Over in Elder Scrolls Online we continue to grow the guild! We have begun doing Dragon Hunts! This can be a very prosperous venture but requires a good amount of soul gems, so do not forget to buy or fill those up! Also, bring plenty of friends and guildees as it takes a ton of adventurers to bring these beasts down, but do not forget to also bring patience! It's a dragon and they aren't meant to be easy after all!

The Phoenixrising and Shadow Spectre

This guild is being worked on in the background. The clubs and scenery are some of the best player laid out and provides fun times for RPers. Keep posted as the work comes to a close and we await the re-opening of the Shadow Spectre Club.

The Jukebox

As we open new sections, revise aesthetics, and improve upon design, we are growing in membership. if you play one of these games, are in our guilds/fleets, send in an article or submit a piece.


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