Weekly Recap May 24, 2020

Our Weekly Recap was a quiet one, but the silence only means we are hard at work contemplating new ideas and events!

The Coast-To-Coast Show

You'll notice a new show coming up, The Coast-To-Coast Show, which will be broadcasted in our Discord channel The Coast To Coast Sound Stage, and will be a collaborative effort between our DJs in future events and broadcasts. The premiere will see our DJs come together to talk about jokes, their favorite games, and of course to play music!

So be sure to keep posted as more details become available, and the premiere date of June 3rd!

The Lost Boys Starbase

The Lost Boys Grows!

Our Star Trek Online armada has grown! For those who dig a more role-play style of gaming, we have formed Lost Boys Trading Consortium, for our players looking to get their Ferengi on! Murlok is our founding Nagus, so seek him out ingame and sign your Ferengi up!

Elder Scrolls Greymoor Update

ESO (elder Scrolls Online) is updating this Tuesday, so get your artifact hunting gear on and organize some Treasure Hunting Parties! The Enclave of Miscreants will be logging in and getting some torch action going on. If you have a character in ESO, consider joining us!

The Jukebox

As we settle into our new look, ideas are already being talked about. The Final Phase is slowly approaching which gives us ample time to plan and design. Rest assured, what we do will remain in style the way it is, and any new features will always be vetted for safety and privacy! Keep posted as we start to roll-out the new stuff later this summer.

You'll see a few areas disappear over the next week, our Discord will be under-going a clean-up and re-organization too, as we streamline it all toward being a multi-game community!


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