What's To Come

Updated: Apr 27

As we round the bend towards the end of what I have come to call the Design Phase, we are finally starting to look at how we can add a feature, or two, in order to create a more interactive site for our players and DJs. Being a multi-game community, The Jukebox Enclave seeks to be innovative in ways other communities are not. Mainly through the use of technology and devices, we have so far formed a small tight knit group, and from there, offer events for our players in the various guilds/fleets we operate.

What's the point of all this? To provide our groups a fun experience where we can just enjoy the company of each other while we step away from the world and relax. Whether it is through space exploration or dungeon crawling, our DJs provide a listening experience like no other. It's all in the content.

What Content and When

So part of this community exists in virtual spaces. In these spaces, or games, you may find a hall or board a star ship. It is here we group up, or meet, to organize raids and/or missions. Some are highly customizable while others offer aesthetic glances of customization. Regardless of the level, it is a reflection of the members we have. But a guild/fleet only goes so far, and as many of us travelers have experienced, finding the right one is hard. Going through many can be daunting and even spirit crushing. So, we have worked hard at creating the foundation of a community that is both responsible and accountable. As with all such endeavors, there are moments of growing pains. Our community, along with many in this time and history, has seen it's own shares of ups and downs but with fellow players helping as Community Leaders, we have managed to create a friendly place.

So in having that, we took the next step to help distribute information of upcoming events of our guilds and fleets, to our player-base via website. Combining our music streaming service with our community only made sense. So here we are!

Music DJs and Streams

At this time as we grow we have but one stream. We do have ideas about Twitch, or other video streaming services, for some of our events, But our main focus is tunes.

Why music?

Many of our players are nostalgic about when we played our very first games and listened to the radio. Our tunes would come on, we'd eat our hot-pocket or Twix bars, and jam while murdering orc after orc, or explore some distant galaxy far far away. And we all LOVE hearing that classic rock song come on at the right moment as we go rolling out guns blazing, or sword swinging!

But the real reason? Music bonds people. It is part of our nature, be it screamer metal or rap or country or soul. Music is a universal language and one we all can feel through the various beats.

The Next Phase

The Final Phase is the finishing touches, including polls and surveys! This is so we can do website events, shows, and future event co-ordination. We'll occasionally post a poll or survey and seek out input from those who we think are using the system. Just something our players can interact with and help see or hear what we do/play in upcoming events!

All this went into the idea of what to call our station and why we went with The Jukebox Rocks.

So we didn't have to just play one style of music, like we wouldn't want just one type of player.


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